root canal treatment in Austin, TX

Root Canal in South Austin, TX

What Happens in a Root Canal?

When you receive endodontic treatment for your tooth, it?s the treating of an issue inside of the tooth. This treatment can come in the form of a root canal. Root canals are a very common dental procedure. There are more than 14-million root canals performed every year. Receiving a root canal can help preserve your tooth and eliminate the possible need for dentures and implants.

Our endodontic services include:

It is necessary for a root canal to be performed when the nerve in the tooth is infected or inflamed. There are a variety of ways the nerve can be damaged, such as a chip in the tooth, a crack, trauma, or if decay is left untreated. If there is pulp damage, you might be experiencing intermittent or persistent pain, trouble chewing on the tooth, tenderness in the surrounding gum tissue, or temperature sensitivity.

The Root Canal Process

Once the tooth is examined and x-rayed, our endodontist will a place a dentaal? dam over the tooth to keep the tooth isolated and removed and replaced the nerve of the tooth.? Your tooth will then have its canals filled with, usually, a rubber-like material. Finally, the tooth will receive either a crown or a filling for protection.

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